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How to sketch a Car in just 3 steps?

Welcome to your blog post. I'm glad you searched on enhancing your sketching skills and you're at the right place, where you'll get to learn how to sketch a car in just 3 steps.

Sketch with ease

"Sketching is more about visualising first and then putting it on the paper."

Step 1:

For the very first step, you need to have proper visuals on how your car is going to look like, the perspective and the overall feel of it. Once you set the visuals, come on the paper and start with a single curve with two arcs placed on it, where the arcs will be denoting the tyres and the curve indicates the body of a car.

Step 2:

Once you done with the curve and the two arcs, sketch more curves on the upper side which will create a structure/body of a car. Sketch one curve on the top of the front tyre arc, then the 2nd main curve starting from the curve drawn recently, and then the 3rd curve at the end for the back portion of the car. Give some extra details to get a good look/design for a car.

Step 3:

You are done with the structure, now it's time to give the details and the curves on the body which will enhance your car design. Sketch the necessary details according to the design you need and then darken the sketch with the bold lines to make it more lively. Don't worry if you are getting some bad strokes, practice will make a difference, keep sketching and the strokes will get better and better.

Follow those steps and you'll be able to sketch a car easily.

You can also refer to this tutorial to get a proper idea on how to go with it.

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